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Busy week!

Just finished a very busy week. 6 days and 50 hours but a few minutes. Moonlighting at the local district hospital eye unit today. 18 phacos (cataracts).
Going to visit Mum with Arianne tonight. Hopefully she will be driving!


This is esecially for the “Nuffy-Overnighters” ”
The weather outside is frightful”…….with absolutely no chance of improvements today. We have had to let the parkray out so we can change a lower bar. So the gas is getting a bit of hammer today. Hope Locket gets home safely. Brave girl cycled to work at stupid o-clock! Roll on 19.00. third night on the trot I will be home after 19.00.
Monday 10-20.00
Tuesday 07.30-19.45 (thanks to Will for letting me go. My guts appreciated it!)
Today 0.800-19.00.
Still Wed Thurs Fri oh and Saturday to go! This week will notch up well over 50 hours!!!!

Cold Cold Cold

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How Cold?

Utterly freezing hard in York this morning. Bet it will be the same when I leave work at 21.00 + tonight. Still don’t know shifts for next week, only that I have an overtime shift on Saturday-16 cataracts, and its looking like I will be the only scrub:(

Birthday Week

its been a nice week. Weather had a brief hiatus of being good on Tuesday when we took advantage and went up the Garburn Road.
Developed a filthy cold on the back of my combined pig/seasonal ‘flu vaccine.

The lowest point of the week was the interaction with the pompous teacher on the Garburn road and the total inability of Asda Direct to act independantly of its couriers. (tail wagging the dog syndrome) If they treat staff this way what would Joe Public acheive with them?
Sat here now awaiting the delivery of two brand new leather sofas from Devon. Been in touch with the company and we are assured they are on the way.
Confined to the lodge until then.Planted some spring bulbs, put up some “haytrough” baskets full of pansies and transplanted some pot-bound shrubs to the mini-beast sanctuary.
Sitting here at the table I can see the wonderful autumn colours against the dark grey sky which is promising rain…..again.
Back to work on Monday until the 8th November when Arianne and I return for a week and hopefully will be joined by John Luci Ang and Clive plus their dogs for the Friday and Saturday.